Window Tinting Service & Tint Window Film

And, beyond the look ...

Our solar control films provide exceptional performance and durability. They are resistant to scratches, chipping, fading, and bubbling; and they block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, thus providing clear vision without distortion.

Looks great!

Our solar films give your vehicle a touch of elegance and polish. They improve vehicle appearance and increase its resale value.

Protection from the sun’s heat and ultra-violet rays

Our solar films protect the vehicle interior against the sun's harmful (UVA and UVB) rays and reduce glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Added privacy and protection of valuables

Tinted windows give you more privacy and hide articles from prying eyes, while being completely transparent. They also protect passengers against injuries by preventing the glass from shattering in the event of an accident.

How to choose the tint?

Your VitroPlus/Ziebart specialist can help you to choose the right colour for your vehicle. You should know that in this respect you must comply with legislation, which varies from one province to another.


Don’t settle for poor quality solar films installed by inexperienced technicians! Entrust your window tinting to VitroPlus/Ziebart and get what you want from the very start!