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Active Antimicrobial Treatment

AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment - The Ultimate Protection.

Get durable protection all year long! AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment works immediately upon contact, neutralizing the microbes, bacteria and fungus in your vehicle's interior. It is invisible, odourless, colourless and offers protection effective up to one year. It prevents the spread of:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Ringworm (fungus)
  • And more!

AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment is effective on all hard and soft surfaces, including plastic, glass, rubber, metal, carpet, fabrics, leather and more. All surfaces of your vehicle's interior will be protected.

Eco-Friendly Security

AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment is the only treatment of its kind approved by Health Canada (Health Canada PCP 15133). It is an environmentally friendly product, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not use any heavy metals making this product safe for your children and pets.

Inner-Guard Protection with AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment

For maximum protection, ask for our Inner-Guard® Protection with AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment. Your vehicle will never have been as clean. This triple action protection includes:

  • Complete cleaning of the passenger and compartment
  • Protection of Inner-Guard®
  • AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment

All services are backed by a national guarantee.


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