Car GPS System Installation

GPS navigation system

Rediscover the pleasure of driving thanks to a GPS road navigation device that enables you to get to your destination efficiently and without any hassles.

You will see your trips in an entirely new light. Just plug your portable GPS into the cigarette lighter and enter your destination on the touch screen. Identify all your favorite locations using the pre-loaded maps. You can also bypass heavy traffic areas on your route thanks to traffic information that is provided in real time. A number of models offer Bluetooth® technology enabling you to use your cell phone in hands-free mode together with your GPS.

Integrated into the dashboard

Replace the original audio system with an audio system and in-dash GPS system and let the system guide you. In-dash systems offer touch screen control and an easy-to-read LCD. The advantage of these systems is that because the GPS unit is integrated into the dashboard, there is no visible power cord thus giving the impression that the unit came with the vehicle.