Headlight Restoring and Polishing

Worn-out automobile headlights can be a threat to your safety!

Worn-out headlights become opaque with wear and can lose up to 50% of their illumination capacity.

When you are driving at night—especially in fall or in winter with darkness coming earlier—it is essential to be able to see as far ahead as possible in order to be prepared for the unexpected. A motorist travelling 50 km/h at night will have four seconds less to react in an emergency if the headlights are dull and faded.

At VitroPlus/Ziebart, we restore headlight illumination and renew your lenses completely. Our polishing process removes yellowing, cloudiness, and haziness from your headlight lenses. It eliminates optical distortion and restores the transparency required for good night vision.

No need to remove the headlights because the work is done directly on your vehicle and takes only 30 minutes.