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Fact or Fiction? Windshield Edition

A sea of information online can sometimes make it difficult to tell fact from fiction when it comes to windshields. Thankfully, your VitroPlus automotive experts have over 40 years of experience and windshields are one of many areas of expertise. Get answers to all your burning questions and visit us to get answers to all your questions on windshield chips, cracks and replacements.

Read on to demystify frequent myths often heard by our in-store teams. Can you tell fact from fiction?

Nail Polish

Fiction: Repair a windshield crack at home by applying clear nail polish on the site of impact.

Fact: Nail polish or any other product not specifically made to repair a windshield and not applied by a VitroPlus automotive expert is not recommended. Liquids of this kind do not have the same chemical compounds as the resin needed to fill a treatable chip or crack. By attempting to fix a chip or crack yourself, you run the risk making the problem worse! A simple surface scratch can become a deep crack that will require a complete replacement if not repaired properly.

Defrost your windshield

Fiction: Pouring hot water on your windshield will provide a quick defrost during cold winter months.

Fact: Proceed with caution! The contact of hot water with your windshield can cause a thermal shock and result in unwanted cracks. Sub-zero temperatures outside paired with the heat pushed into your vehicle’s interior, can lead to windshield cracks. If your windshield has a crack, this will only make matters worse! Humidity can also creep its way into the crack and the cold from the exterior will make the accumulated water expand. It is best to rely on preventative measures such as an Aquapel or iTEKT rain repellent treatment or a suitable defrosting product.

Minor  cracks

Fiction: A minor windshield crack poses no danger.

Fact: Whether small or barely there, a windshield crack can chip and weaken your windshield with time. Don’t delay and book an appointment at a VitroPlus location near you. A team of experts will happily inspect your windshield to find the best way to repair your crack and ensure safety behind the wheel.

Home repairs

Fiction: You can easily repair a windshield at home.

Fact: A common belief is that it is possible to repair damages to a windshield with an at-home repair kit. Often, these windshields come back with even more damage than they initially had because they were repaired with the wrong tools and products. Let your automotive experts take care of any crack no matter the size. A repair takes 30 minutes and is free when an insurance claim is submitted to an insurer with applicable coverage. A turkey solution when you are pressed for time!

You will always be offered a replacement

Fiction: Every windshield chip or crack will require a replacement.

Fact: False! At VitroPlus, we always inspect a damaged windshield to assess whether it can be repaired before considering a replacement. However, time is of the essence! A cracked windshield must be inspected before it gets worse to save it from having to be completely replaced months or years later. The faster you repair your windshield, the better the final result will be. Save costs by tackling a crack as soon as it appears.

Colours change with time

Fiction: A fixed windshield crack tends to yellow over time.

Fact: False! When cooked by UV rays, the resin hardens and maintains its original color (translucid).

If you are unsure about what to do with a crack or chip, come visit us today. We will take care of all our windshield concerns because after all, we are the experts!

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