More than 55 years ago, Kurt Ziebart invented the rust proofing we still apply today; and in the past five decades, no one has managed to outdo this process.

We have the latest anti-rust technology, and we are constantly perfecting the chemical composition of our products and our application process.

Permanent Rust Proofing Treatment

Preserve the value of your new or used vehicle! Despite the progress made by automobile manufacturers, rust continues to form on vehicles. An (…)

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Penetr-Oil® Vehicle Rust Proofing Treatment

Annual, dripless and odour-less rust-proofing treatment  Penetr-Oil® is an annual, dripless oiling process available exclusively at (…)

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Rust Protection Undercoating

Tough coating protects underbody, prevents rust The underbody of your vehicle is one of its most vulnerable areas. It is exposed to moisture, dirt, (…)

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Sound Barrier for Cars & Soundproofing

Thick coating reduces tire and road noise, protect metal Have you ever been bothered by exterior noise or road vibration inside your vehicle? Our (…)

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