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Dump Truck Warning System

Ensure Your Dump Truck or Fleet is Legal in Quebec.

Since April 24 2019, new measures in the Quebec Highway Safety Code require all heavy dump trucks to be equipped with a warning light and audible warning device that is activated when the dump body is not fully lowered. This device must be installed before September 1, 2020 and the regulations apply to all dump vehicles traveling on the roads within the province of Quebec.

Code regulations for dump trucks can be reviewed HERE.


Benne-Alerte is a safety system with a light and audible indicator warning device that informs the driver when the bin is not in a stowed position and the vehicle is moving. Benne-Alerte warning systems allow for the control of the speed detection and adjustment feature during installation, making this an ultra-flexible product.

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The Benne-Alerte system meets and exceeds all SAAQ requirements.

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Product Features

benne alerte features
  • 4 connection options depending on the vehicle
  • Reliable weatherproof sensor
  • No elements attached to the tipper body
  • Independent of the mechanical or hydraulic system of the vehicle
  • No maintenance required
  • Dimensions: 3in. W x 2in. L x 1 in. H

Benne-Alerte is a Product of

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