Windshield Recycling Service

We are the first pan-Canadian network to recycle windshields.

Since spring of 2009, all UniglassPlus/Ziebart franchisees have committed to recycling windshields, despite the limited resources available in Canada. Managing and reducing negative impacts on the environment continues to be a priority for our company; and even though we operate in the automobile industry, we strive to find tangible solutions for sustainable development and to reduce CO2 emissions.

What makes windshields more difficult to recycle is that they are composed of two layers of glass separated by a plastic PVB film. To recycle the windshield, the plastic film must be removed from the glass. This makes the process more complex.

In Canada, more than 1.2 million windshields are replaced each year and sent to landfills. We are proud to be the first pan-Canadian network to recycle windshields.

Forever recyclable

Glass is 70% silica sand and as such can be recycled endlessly. After it is recovered, it is crushed in grinders and then sifted to obtain glass cullet. Using this cullet reduces the energy needed to produce glass by about 25%.

Glass from recycled windshields at UniglassPlus/Ziebart is used to manufacture glass containers and fibreglass and thus reduces the amount of raw materials required.