Penetr-Oil® Vehicle Rust Proofing Treatment

Annual, dripless and odour-less rust-proofing treatment 

Penetr-Oil® is an annual, dripless oiling process available exclusively at VitroPlus/Ziebart.

  • Complete protection in accordance with vehicle specifications
  • Complete vehicle protection including upperbody, underbody, and chassis. Penetrates seams and joints and all hard-to-get-to spots


  • Resists progression of existing rust and throughout the year prevents new rust from forming
  • Will not damage rubber, plastic, or electrical circuits
  • A clean process that does not harm the environment
  • Designed for new and used cars, trucks, vans, and sports utility vehicles
  • Offers the flexibility of annual coverage that you pay as you go
  • In most cases, you can have the anti-rust treatment done without making an appointment while you wait
  • A dripless process that is cleaner and less harmful to the environment. 

Whether you want to keep your vehicle for years to come or if you just want to maintain its value, Penetr-Oil® will provide protection against our harsh winters.

Ziebart® has been the global leader in protecting vehicle structure and appearance for over 50 years. Place your trust in our experienced professionals who have received specialized training.