Triple Action Car Interior Detailing


You most probably spend several hours behind the wheel of your vehicle every day. Therefore, it’s normal for dirt to accumulate in the interior of your car over time, sometimes to the point where you barely recognize the inside of your own car. That is the perfect time to think about deep cleaning the inside of your vehicle, in order to eliminate all accumulated dirt and nasty odours. The biggest challenge will be to keep it clean all year long!

Our triple action interior detailing service is exclusive to VitroPlus / Ziebart. No other treatment on the market offers  this level of cleanliness and effective protection.

Its triple action process removes stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. In addition to cleaning, protecting and conditioning your vehicle’s leather and fabrics against possible damage, it also facilitates your future cleanings. Thanks to our AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment, your car will also be clear of mold and fungus for an entire year.

Here is what our triple action package consists of:

Shampooing antibacterien

The first step is to vacuum accumulated dirt within the vehicle as well as the hair that clung to carpets and fabrics. Next, we proceed to an Inner-Clean antibacterial shampoo with hot water extraction. This exclusive VitroPlus / Ziebart process eliminates 99% of bacteria. It disinfects every nook and cranny of your vehicle. You will be more than happy with your vehicle’s new look and refreshing scent.



Shampooing antibacterien

Once leather and fabrics are thoroughly cleaned, it's time to protect them against daily use or possible mishaps. Their original protection will not be enough to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays or accidental food, liquor and coffee stains or any other sticky substances that can leave stubborn stains and unpleasant odours.

Our transparent fabric protection is applied to all fabrics, carpets, upholstery and roof liner. It offers maximum protection and prevents dirt and grime from penetrating the carpets. It also protects against fading caused by the sun.

Leather requires a lot of maintenance in order to prolong its appearance, after having removed all the dirt embedded in the pores of the leather, we apply a special treatment to nourish it and give it back its suppleness. Our treatment will revive its colour and protect it from cracking, yellowing, discoloration and aging caused by sun and heat.



AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment

Once the disinfecting powers of our antibacterial shampoo has taken effect and eliminated 99% of germs and bacteria, it is now up to our AEGIS® Microbe Shield® treatment to do its job. It acts as a microscopic bed of nails which attract the microbes immediately upon contact. It punc­tures the cell walls stopping them in their tracks.... so that you and your family can travel in a safe and healthy environment for a whole year!