Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement

Did you know that your windshield can save your life?

Vehicle manufacturers have faced many challenges over the years, including reducing fuel consumption without compromising the vehicle’s aerodynamics, comfort and, above all passenger safety. Since vehicles are now lighter, each component of the vehicle’s structure plays a greater role.

The vehicle’s windshield is a great example, which now accounts for up to 70% of the structural integrity of the vehicle, ranking it as the third most important safety component of cars and trucks after seat belts and airbags:

• It supports the roof when there is a vehicle rollover accident or collision and reinforces any weak spots found within the roof frame.

• It ensures that passengers are not ejected from the vehicle during an impact.

Trust your windshield replacement to the experts! At VitroPlus, we only use Original Equivalent Equipment auto glass quality windshields (OEE) that are installed according to safety standards set by the vehicle manufacturers. Our technicians are always on the lookout for the latest technologies and installation techniques. Our main concern is for your safety, so we make every effort to help you hit the road safely!

The importance of an OEM quality windshield

Your windshield replacement is not to be taken lightly, your safety and that of your passengers depend on it. Today’s windshield replacements use increasingly sophisticated technology and must be entrusted to qualified technicians that use the most advanced and most reliable equipment on the market.

In the last ten years, glass surfaces on a vehicle have increased by 15%. Their shape and design have become more complex (curved and tinted), especially with the emergence of SUVs. Thanks to technological advances, automotive glass manufacturers have not only been able to design glass surfaces that reinforces the vehicles frame but that also strengthen the vehicles structure in general.

Vitre OEE

For  these reasons, it is important to request an (OEE) quality windshield with the same properties as factory-installed windshields.

Sometimes, it is tempting to choose a lower quality windshield because of the lower price. However, this type of windshield does not meet the security standards set by the vehicle manufacturer and can often cause various problems, such as optical distortion which may hinder your vision of the road, cause water infiltration or whistling due to wind. A simple structural defect or uneven pressure distribution during the manufacturing process can leave a weakness in the glass, causing the windshield to crack easily.

At VitroPlus, we only install Original Equivalent Equipment windshield quality glass (OEE). All our windshields are subject to the same quality testing as those of car dealers and are recognized by the insurance industry.

Never settle for less than high quality to avoid future complications.

Technician replacing the windshield

Proper preparation

Doing business with VitroPlus is about getting the job done right.

• We carry out a complete inspection of the vehicle before starting the work and evaluate if the crack is repairable. Everything is done to save you time and money.

• We protect the vehicle’s interior and exterior with a cover and remove the wiper blades to facilitate the work.

• We prepare the vehicle and windshield by applying a coat of primer. This step ensures better adhesion and prevents rust from forming around the windshield in the future.

Adhesives meeting FMVSS safety standards

In the event of a collision, the force of the impact may cause the airbag to deploy. If the windshield isn’t improperly installed, it may detach from the vehicle, causing serious injury to the passengers or even a fatal accident. critical or fatal injuries to passengers or bystanders.

To ensure the best possible adhesion, we use SIKA brand adhesives, the largest manufacturer of automotive glass adhesives in the world. These adhesives undergo all crash tests and meet FMVSS 208, 212 and 216 standards.

FMVSS 208 Occupant Crash Protection

The windshield must be able to withstand the force generated by the passenger-side airbag deployment.

FMVSS 212 Windshield Mounting

The windshield must protect passengers in the event of a frontal collision.

FMVSS 216 Resistance crush resistance

The windshield must act as a support for the roof to reduce the risk of collapsing in the event of a vehicle rollover accident.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Choosing where to have your windshield repaired or replaced will be more important than ever, due to the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems installed in most new vehicles. The ADAS systems use cameras and sensors often installed behind the windshield to ensure comfort and safety while driving. These advancements in windshield technologies are in place to facilitate driving and reduce the risk of accidents on the road. 

Recalibrating the camera is a crucial step following a windshield replacement. It's not like forgetting to reconnect a rain sensor, it's about bringing the driving assistance systems back to their original settings. Failure to properly calibrate the ADAS camera can put your safety at risk.

Trust VitroPlus when it comes to keeping you safe. All our technicians follow a continuous training program and use the best equipment to guarantee a professional camera calibration. You can always leave a VitroPlus safely and with complete peace of mind.

Managing your insurance claim

Are you planning on claiming your windshield replacement to your insurer? Not to worry, VitroPlus takes care of everything for you. We deal directly with your insurer from beginning to end.

All you need to do is set up an appointment with the VitroPlus store of your choice or go directly to the store with your insurance documents. We will contact your insurer to determine your deductible and we will invoice your insurer directly once the work is completed, so you are only left with paying your deductible.

Mobile and shuttle service

Are you short on time or double booked? Not a problem! With the help of VitroPlus free shuttle service you can rest easy. You can have work done on your car and get to your other appointment on time! Several locations also offer mobile services for windshield repairs and replacements, for the moments where it is inconvenient for you to visit us. We will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

Recycling your damaged windshield

Since 2010, VitroPlus has been committed to recycling all windshields instead of filling landfills. Managing and reducing negative impacts on the environment continues to be a priority for our company; we strive to find tangible solutions for sustainable development and the reduction of the windshield industries carbon footprint. Glass from recycled windshields at VitroPlus/Ziebart is used to manufacture glass containers and fibreglass thus reducing the amount of raw materials required. It is never used to make recycled windshields.

The cost of a windshield replacement

The cost of a windshield replacement may vary depending on the type of vehicle and the characteristics of the windshield (rain sensor, solar, mist detector, etc.). Feel free to ask us for a quote and check with your insurer to find out if your insurance policy covers the cost of replacement.

Laws related to windshields

Did you know that you can be fined for driving with a cracked windshield? If it does not respect the visibility laws established by your province, the fine can be up to

Securi-ClearTM Lifetime Warranty

Ask about our Securi-ClearTM warranty! It covers any future windshield repairs at no cost. No matter the number of impacts, it's free for life! No cost to you, no cost to your insurer ! No need to file additional claims to your insurer and no further records will be sent to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) for windshield repairs.