Environmental implication

Managing and reducing the negative impacts on the environment continues to be one of our corporate priorities; and even though we operate in the automobile industry, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions and to find tangible solutions for sustainable development.

In spring 2009, out of concern for the environment, we created a windshield recycling program. Knowing that every year more than 1.2 million windshields are sent to landfills, we decided to act. Today, at VitroPlus/Ziebart, all windshields that are replaced are recycled and transformed into glass and fibreglass containers.

Brigade SANSZO

SANSZO (waterless) products are a good fit for our business model; and they enable us to offer our customers an alternative to conventional washing with water, thus helping to reduce water consumption. In 2013, in collaboration with VitroPlus/Ziebart, SANSZO launched Brigade SANSZO (the waterless brigade), a new financing program for non-profit organizations overseeing a great cause: to conserve water and to improve the sharing of water.